Education has become one of the prime necessities of today’s time. With the growing and progressing world we have plenty of options and streams to choose. This often makes students and their parents curious and to a certain extent confused on which path to follow, or to be precise which path is meant for them. This article will guide all the students, parents, and mentors on how to choose the right field of education which can eventually lead to a better profession through Astrology.
The foremost thing we should focus on is the intent, i.e. whether the person intends to involve in education or not. We can evaluate this through the position of Lagna Lord, Aspects on Lagna Lord, and overall strength of Lagna and Lagna Lord. If the Lagna has no aspects or is aspected by malefic planets then the person’s intent is not more inclined towards getting educated. In case Lagna Lord is also not well placed or is debilitated, the person’s mind is not focused towards education. In this case if Lagna is Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces, these Lagna’s encourage the person to be engaged in education and enter the desired field. Also, aspect of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus on Lagna encourages a person to become inteliigent, intellectual and spiritual respectively.

Role of Jupiter and Mercury

These planets are helpful in evaluation of person’s grasping power, common sense, and the field of education a person should most likely choose for the greater good.
Role of Mercury
Mercury strongly placed in the Kundli, increases the overall intellect, common sense of a person and encourages them towards practical side rather than theoretical side of education. Influence of Mercury on 5th house, 5th lord or Lagna encourages a person to choose fields where they are practically implementing the things. It also helps people to enter the profession where they can make use of creative thinking and communication skills.
If Mercury is weak, placed in adverse houses in horoscope, a person faces lack of confidence in a public speaking environment and refrain from speaking in front of vast audience. Such people also tends to get in trouble through their speech.
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Role of Jupiter
Jupiter has a very strong role in education. People having a strong Jupiter, placed in Kendra or aspecting the Lagna, Lagna Lord, and Fifth house help encourages the person to choose a path where more theory/theoretical knowledge is involved. However, if Jupiter is weak or placed in Rahu/Ketu axis, afflicted by malefic planets it decreases the retention power of a person and due to which students faced lack of interest in education or unable to get better results as they expect they would get.
Infact Jupiter’s combination with Rahu gives rise to Guru Chandal Yoga, due to which a student is never willing to learn from teacher/guru’s and they tend to always disobey them. Weak Jupiter also reduces the ability of a person to take independent decisions.
Placement of Jupiter in different signs
Jupiter placed in Watery Signs: Placement of Jupiter in watery signs i.e. 4,8, and 12 encourages a native to pursue spiritual education for instance Astrology.
– Jupiter placed in Earthy Signs: Placement of Jupiter in earthy signs i.e. 2,6, and 10 encourages a native to pursue education in commerce. For instance Chartered Accountants.
– Jupiter placed in Airy Signs: Placement of Jupiter in airy signs i.e. 3,7, and 11 encourages a native to pursue technical education. For instance IT professionals.
– Jupiter placed in Firey Signs: Placement of Jupiter in Firey signs i.e. 1,5, and 9 encourages a native to pursue education where they are at an implementation level for instance Doctors, Fireman, Police etc.

Know about the position of Jupiter, 5th lord and other important aspects of your horoscope to decide what career path you or your children should choose.

Please note in addition to the position and situation of Jupiter and Mercury. Education and Career evaluation includes examination of fifth house, fifth lord, Navamsha chart, Nakshatra and evaluation of D24 chart to decide which career path to choose. Combined analysis of these factors help us decide the right track for a person.

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