Aries Sign (मेष राशि) and its Significations

Aries Sign is represented by Mars. People with this Sun Sign or Moon Sign have a prominence of characteristics from Mars Some of the major characteristics include:

Positive Traits
Aries being a Fire Sign always brings in the Fire Element in the native i.e. They are Ambitious, Courageous, Action-Oriented, Passionate, Bold, Risk-Takers, Confident, Determined, Straight Forward, Creative, Good Organizers and Brave

Areas of Opportunities:
– They Believe in Learning things the Hard Way
– Have an Aggressive Approach towards People.
– Impulsive Decision Makers
– Impatient
– Attention Seekers
– Highly Competitive and Restless

Behavioural Remedies:
– They should channelize their energies in the right direction to avoid frustration.
– Think before you speak
– Excess Anger can be Dangerous
– Avoid Quick and Impulsive Decision Making

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