In today’s world of immense jobs and career opportunities. Many of us gets confused in opting a path which could lead us to a successful and happy career, and end up choosing something which does not suits our personality. 
There are various factors due to which we end up choosing wrong careers. Some of them are mentioned as follows:
Family Background : Our family background plays a major role in influencing our choice of jobs, businesses we opt. They build the foundation of our mentality towards opting for a career. If we see astrologically there are a few combinations due to which a person end up choosing wrong career due to parental influence. This involves the influence of Lord of 2nd house and 4th house on Lagna/Lagna Lord. Malefic influence leads to a wrong career choice and benefic influence ends up into a good career choice through the advice of a family member.
Mental Psyche: Not realizing our own mental psyche and choosing streams due to parental and societal influence can also lead us to a place which was not meant for us. Astrologically, influence of Lagna Lord and Upchaya houses has a major role to play in helping the person pick the right choices, and proving their worth in the right areas.

Peer Pressure: This has been a major factor of influence for parents as well as children’s these days. Parents and children gets influenced by what their friends & relatives are doing/opting due to which they do not pick their areas of interest as their profession. Astrologically,
influence of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, and Rahu on Fifth house/Lord and Lagna/Lagna Lord shows tendencies towards Technical/Engineering field, while influence of Venus, Moon, and Mercury on Fifth house/Lord and Lagna/Lagna Lord shows tendencies towards Creative Field, Arts, Commerce, and Finance.

Financial Condition: This also plays a major role for us in choosing our career sector,jobs, or businesses we select. Astrologically we should analyze the Dasha’s or planets which has impacted the native’s Second house/Lord of Second house while the selection of profession/jobs were made. This communicates the entire story of the financial constraints faced by the person while opting for a career.
Astrology & Numerology can be of huge help here, as this helps in studying the language of planets and numbers associated with you and through them we guide you to choose a better career.

We at Corporate ज्योतिष not only helps our clients in advising the right career path, but also help them in becoming an individual a strong headed person through our unique set of remedies.

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