Out of all relationships and bonds, Marriage has been the most sacred bond of 2 souls described in our vedas. In my consultative advice cases almost 75-80% of people have an inclination towards knowing about when they would be getting married. The second question arises whether it would be a love marriage or arranged.
In today’s article we would find out how we can predict through astrology when a person would get married and whether he would have a love marriage or arranged.
Timing of marriage
In astrology we consider 7th house and 7th lord to predict anything in regard to timings of marriage. To predict accurately we follow three methods mentioned below:
– Saturn and Jupiter transit from Lagna: If Saturn and Jupiter transit on the seventh house or seventh lord, during that time period there are high chances native can be in a relationship and native can observe incoming of marriage prospects in his/her life. Please keep in mind the age of the native and the current dasha running must also support the entire purview.

– Saturn and Jupiter transit from Moon: If Saturn and Jupiter transit the seventh house from Moon or Seventh Lord from Moon, the time can be fruitful for natives in terms of getting in a relationship or getting marriage alliances fixed.
– Varshaphala: Marriage timing can also be analyzed through varshphala charts. If lord of lagna and seventh house are related through position, aspect, conjuction or through tajik Yogas (Ithasala Yoga) then also we can say that there are high chances of a person getting married.

Remember, all these methods are functional keeping in mind supporting dasha is also running, else these methods wont be fruitful to analyze the marriage timings. Now lets see how can we analyze love marriage or arrange marriage from a kundli. A few combinations to check this are as follows:
– Relation of fifth lord and seventh lord from lagna through position, aspect or conjunction.
– Relation of fifth lord and seventh lord from moon through position, aspect, or conjunction.

– Fifth lord placed in seventh house or seventh lord placed in fifth house or an exchange present in the navamsha chart.
– Lord of seventh house connected to Venus, Mars, Moon, and Rahu also encourages the native to marry partner of their choice and can lead to love marriage.

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Delays in Marriage

I do receive a lot of enquiries of parents and natives, where the marriages are delayed and they are not able to find the right match for their sons/daughters. We can judge these delays within charts, whenever seventh house or lord is afflicted, or in influence of malefic planets (Mars, Saturn and Sun), Retrograde and Conjuct. These scenario’s can lead to a possible delay or even lead to a marriage denial at times.
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Happy Married life?

Now the question arises how would be my married life. We have all the answers to your questions hidden in your horoscope. Impact on seventh house/lord, second house/lord, fourth house lord/ eight house/lord, and twelfth house/lord can impact your marriage life through different aspects like family, financially, progeny, affection etc. All these houses need to be evaluated from Navamsha and other divisional charts.

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